I’ve never NOT been an artist.

Or maybe I should say "artistic," or creative, or a f*@!ing genius.

But, not in the usual, prescribed way, the educational way or the professional way.

I’ve studied, practiced, perfected, played, dabbled, experimented — all of it outside the “regular” art world.

My first degree is in Psychology. I worked in Nonprofit for most of my career.


What I know about ART is that I don't know anything. Except how to make what I make, the way I make it and hope it finds the person who has to own it forever.

Little Sandhi played the piano [perfect pitch discovered at 4]. Took ballet, made puppets and learned to paint with oils. And sewed clothes for Barbie. Both of my parents were extremely talented artists in their own rights.

Slightly older Sandhi ditched the classics to play rock music. Learned how to do needlework. Switched to drawing shoes and dresses. My drugs of choice were art galleries and museums. 

Teen/young adult Sandhi went to college for oceanography but degreed in psychology. Because I discovered I am “gifted” with Eidetic Imagery. I was a “guinea pig” [studied] and a paper outlining my case was presented at the APA. by Dr. Michael Siegel. And acted in plays. And painted in acrylics.


After college, my MFA career careened into a ditch. I could not select a discipline. I dabbled in Pottery, Textile Design, Jewelry, Metal Work, anything but painting.


As an adult, I had many careers. Portrait Painter, Designer of Needlepoint. Designer of T-shirts. Maker of Jewelry, Visual Merchandiser, Set Designer, Florist, Marketing Director, Creative Director, Corporate communications, Chief Information Officer…and then "Artist."

My mind and imagination are very active. I research. I continue to learn. I talk too much, but not when I am creating. Thoughts, ideas, memories, dreams and concepts fire synapses in my brain…which end up on canvas. Or anything else that isn't glued down.

I select images that speak to me from their eyes. I react to their imaginary being. I draw, paint and cover the painting in paper. I’ve been doing this so long, I don’t have to think about it, I’m in that flow. As I work, I improvise. I am not attached to any outcome, therefore, I am free to change anything while I work. I’m not “finished” until I’m finished. I am usually deeply in love with my work, and emotionally connected. If I don’t like something, I will rip it apart and change it. 

Some are loose, some are tightly controlled. There is texture, structure, color. Everything I create reflects a time and place in my life. I have lived in many states, have traveled extensively in a physical and in a spiritual sense.

The women or men I “paint” are a cast of characters in a movie that will never be made. They all have a back-story. And theme music. The abstracts are sparked by a time or place, or a dream. I constantly experiment and grow. I am not tied to any particular thing. Whether I paint or braid old shirts or glue old jewelry on a frame, or string beads… it’s all the same to me. But nothing is the same. I don’t repeat myself. 


All of the work here is for sale. Please email me at artist@schimmelart.com to inquire about pricing.

Media is the Message

Media is the Medium

An artist's job is to challenge, provoke and immortalize the age they live in: information overload. Images enter 

our psyches through mailboxes, 

electronic devices, billboards, ads & talking heads. We’re never far from a sales pitch, a come on, a buzz word, another overwrought hash 

tagged image.

I've developed a technique that not only reflects that assault, but is created expressly from junk advertisements!