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Paper Mosaic Portraits - Junk Mail Collages

Abstracts - Paintings




Each piece utilized has entered my home via the mailbox or as packaging. Instead of the landfill, it is upcycled into something entirely new.


The paper itself, is inconsequential. The source of material is immaterial. 

The work is seen and experienced differently from near, where the viewer investigates the seeming clutter of disparate pieces, to far; where the brain consolidates the miscellanea and forms a cohesive and recognizable likeness. 

Created from a huge assortment of paper sources, color, typography, weight and texture differ. They do not match on purpose, the nuances make the composition more interesting. No element alone represents anything specific to the subject.


Drawn with pencil, marker, canvas splashed with ink, watercolor, sprayed, dripped, painted, embellished. 


Paint, glue, dryer lint, sand, cleaning supplies, glitter, glass, etc. are incorporated into shape and texture studies. Linking earth with space, shape, form and line. 

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