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Where to find Sandhi's work:

Always at:

  • Crossroads Art Gallery - Richmond, VA

  • One Martine Gallery  - White Plains, NY

  • Stravitz Fine Art - Virginia Beach

Gallery Shows:

Order & Chaos

Paal Gallery

Petersburg, VA

Now Through April 6 2024

Everything is a Remix

Gallery Row

St. Charles, MO

Opens April 5 2024

37th Annual Juried Exhibition

Art Alliance Gallery

Red Bank, NJ

Opens April 6 2024


Ardest Gallery

Woodlands, TX

Opens April 13 2024


The Meeting House Gallery

Columbia, MD

Opens April 20 2024

Pop! With Mass Appeal

Kay Daugherty Gallery /@ Smithsonian

Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Ctr

Solomons, MD

Opens May 3 2024


Academy Center for the Arts

Lynchburg, VA

Opens July 2024

Modern Mixed Media Mavens

JoAnne Rose Gallery

Reston, VA

Opens August 2025

Sandhi's Current CV CLICK HERE

For studio visits please email us!

As a primarily self taught artist, I find inspiration
in the everyday objects we often dismiss as garbage.
My mission is to transform potentially discarded materials into thought-provoking pieces
that inspire conversation & evoke emotion.
Each piece I create requires a unique set of skills
and a boundless creativity,
allowing me to explore new techniques
and ideas with every artwork.
There are no rules in Sandhi-land!
Art has the power to tell a story and
potentially change the world;
precisely what I aim to do with every piece
I create.

A technique I "invented" in 2001
a true testament to good, old fashioned slow art -
analog skills like drawing, painting, creating compositions, making shapes, cutting and embellishing by hand.
Beginning with a sketch or painting,
I use very laborious and intricate skills to upcycle paper:
advertisements,  junk mail or packaging
into a cohesive and recognizable likeness
or abstract composition.
The paper itself, is inconsequential. The source of material is immaterial.
The nuances in color, typography and texture...
draw the eye in; then the brain consolidates the miscellanea...
creating a unique and captivating image that is sure to spark conversation.

Drawn with pencil, marker, canvas splashed with ink, watercolor, sprayed, dripped, painted, embellished, sometimes with upcycled paper!​

Always discovering and experimenting in a variety of mediums
I create a variety of images -- abstracts, fantasy flora and fauna, shapes, objects that are interesting.
Paint, glue, dryer lint, sand, cleaning supplies, glitter, glass, etc. could be incorporated into shape and texture studies.

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