The Last Straw  It came to me in a dream! Hand cut paper, photographs, fur, yarn, beads, and so much more. 36x48x1" -- $9500.00 email for purchasing details!

forget me not

Forget Me Not .Layers of hand cut pieces of paper create leaves and flowers. Embellished with acrylic paint, black pepper and thyme. A garden of earthly delights! 30x40x1.5" -- $4500.00 email for purchasing details!

Flora & Fauna: Same technique, different effect.

Some of these pieces are available. Please email me for information!

The Four Seasons
Morning Glory_
Bees in da Hive
Green Rooster_
Schimmel Horse_
Psycho Kitty
Blue Hippo_
Bright Paisley
Freak Flag_
MacArthur's Park
Paisley Deep
Paisley [Close Up]
Paisley in Brown_Green
Peace & Love
Staunton House Brown_
Staunton House Yellow_
Blue Window
Pink Window_

Treasure Tiles:

Made with my daughter [another artist] these are tiny individual pieces of art constructed on dimensional canvas [6x6"] which are painted and embellished with paper, beads, mirrors, rhinestones, toys, metal, wood, vintage jewelry, souvenirs, buttons, upholstery trim, glass cabochons, hardware, trinkets, bits, baubles and more... no two are alike. They can be hung as one piece or in a grouping, or as a huge statement piece - installation. Each piece is finished on all sides and ready to hang on a nail! They are each a little story, a fascinating ornament for the wall.

#Treasure Tile Installation
#Treasure Tile Detail - Bee
#Treasure Tile Installation - Blue_Greens
#Treasure Tile Detail - Delft
#Treasure Tile Detail - Joan of Arc
#Treasure Tile Display Deep Colors
#Treasure Tile Installation