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A Flaming Beauty explores yet another threat to trees. Our commercial culture generates an insatiable appetite for paper products. The elements of fire in this piece were created from “pages” using a paper mosaic technique. The mosaic pages, made from recycled advertisements, were cut into sinewy shapes to capture the energy of the fiery flames. The fire, literally made of advertisements that drive consumerism, is figuratively consuming this tree. It symbolizes all trees “sacrificed” for commercial gain. By reusing the copious recycled paper remnants discarded from other upcycled artworks to create the colorful conflagration in A Flaming Beauty, this tree will not be consumed. It will last forever!


The Burning Bush -- a biblical story of Moses. The paper shapes create the Nile river and the reeds that baby Moses was hidden in... and the vision of the burning bush that led him on the path!

Flaming Beauty / Burning Bush

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