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Currently on display in a juried, regional show -- where it has received a reward for excellence.


This large, dramatic portrait is 100% paper -- a mosaic/junk mail collage, the technique that Sandhi created and is known for!  Every single piece of paper has been upcycled so not to end up in a landfill.


On canvas - unframed, but the edges of the canvas have also been covered with paper. Wired and ready to hang.


Painstakingly created from Sandhi's enormous collection of junk mail, greeting cards, photographs, packaging, catalogs, etc... everything is hand drawn, hand cut, hand applied. A truly one of a kind, bespoke work of art. 


Colors are mostly pink, orange and shades of purple. The face is made up of realistic flesh colors.


No prints or reproductions of this image! 


Size is 40Hx60W" 


NON TOXIC: all materials used are water-based and acid-free


Heaven Can Wait

SKU: heavencan