Inkie-Doo -- 

Listening to a talk by Irving Finkel, a British philologist and Assyriologist took me to the Epic of Gilgamesh and Cuneiform...and those thought infiltrated this portrait which incorporates wedge-like forms. The portrait is in shades of blue and grey.


Inkie-Do is an original paper mosaic/junk mail collage portait, the technique that Sandhi created and is known for! Painstakingly created from Sandhi's enormous collection of junk mail, greeting cards, photographs, packaging, catalogs, etc...basically paper what would otherwise end up in a landfill.


Everything is hand drawn, hand cut, hand applied. A truly one of a kind, bespoke work of art. 


On canvas - unframed, but wired and ready to hang.


No prints or reproductions of this image!


Size is 18W24Hx1.5"Deep



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