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Inspired by the Opera, Tosca -- the artist is singing about his subject, Floria -- who has blue eyes, but is thinking of the woman he loves -- the singer Tosca...

Recondita armonia
"di belleze diverse!...E bruna Floria,
l'ardente amante mia.
E te, beltade ignota, cinta di chiome bionde!
Tu azzuro hai l'occhio, Tosca ha l'occhio nero!" 

[Tosca's Eyes are Black!]


It's quite a dramatic story, like opera... and this portrait embodies all the emotions in one look; passion, jealousy, fear... but mostly undying love and devotion.


The portrait is in mostly black and white, with touches of pink and lavendar... all tiny hand cut pieces of junk mail and greeting cards... like I do...


24x30" Framed.


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