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One of my artist inspirations is Gustav Klimt. I picked up a print of The Woman in Gold at the Neue Gallerie in NYC.

During my bout of chemo and radiation treatments... I couldn't do my regular work, so I spent countless hours sitting and decorating this print... with the tiniest crystals... I had to place them with a needle, they were so small. I happen to have a ton of crystals and rhinestones from my Mom and Grandma, and my own crazy hoarding habit... of art supplies.

It's an amazing piece, not really for sale, since it's not my art underneath... I left the face, bust and hands alone, but every other inch is covered with gold or crystals. I'll put an outlandish price on it, but it will be on view during my show in November in the November Gallery in Richmond; email me for an invite to that opening!

Woman in Gold in Gold

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